Link Building and Its Purpose

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Link Building and Its Purpose

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link-buildingThe notion of link building has been around for a number of years. Its definition, as the name implies, is the process of building (leaving) links with different sites indicative of your website. You are probably wondering; what’s the great idea of leaving links on another website?

Quite simply, search engines (such as Google) consider them as “votes” and use it to rank websites based on the profusion of links. So now it makes sense, doesn’t it? One common type of link building technique is blog commenting. Here users leave a comment/review of the content (present on that page) along with a link of their website. So whoever reads the comment may access their site by just clicking on their name.

However, there are many people (or even companies) that tend to misuse link building by leave spam links all over the internet. These generally include irrelevant and erroneous links.

That being said, here are some of the key reasons why website owners employ link building:

Increased Awareness

As mentioned earlier, link building is a fantastic way of raising awareness of your brand among the target audience. Pasting your links on a large number of websites will give your page exposure on a global scale. In other words, it will lead to increased traffic generation. This in itself is a major benefit! Imagine, all that traffic (most of which are potential customers) being directed to your page from other sites.


In case you didn’t know, link building is a part of search engine optimization (SEO), which is the process of improving your page rank on major search engines, hence making it accessible to a wider audience. Since Google uses a page rank system to evaluate a website’s popularity, link building helps tremendously in increasing the effectiveness of your overall SEO plan. It is because of this very reason why SEO companies give much importance to the process of link building.


Link building is also quite effective from a marketing perspective. For instance, even if users (after reading your comment or review) don’t visit your website, it is quite likely that they will recall your brand name, for future reference. For example, if a confectioner leaves a comment on a relevant blog. So even if the reader doesn’t feel propelled to click the link, he/she is likely to recall your brand when ordering a cake or a sweet dish.

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