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What is PPC?

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ppcInternet, this word may be small but the activities and advantages it provides to the people with different age groups, is extraordinary. It is a vast medium which includes millions of different terms that one cannot be aware of. PPC is one of the terms among those or we can say an uncommon phrase which means Pay Per Click. In this method, the cost depends completely on the popularity of your website or web page. It is based on how many times your web page or site is being visited or opened up by the people, or how many clicks helped in opening that specific web page or site. It can be considered a cost making process, because the dealer is bound to pay when someone visits your web page or site. In short, the more the clicks the more the cost will increase.

There can be many examples of pay per click advertising corporations but Yahoo Search Marketing, Google Ad Words and last but not the least, Microsoft Ad Centre are among the most renowned ones. Keyword has to be popular because the cost increases on the basis of the keyword’s popularity. Most of the keywords are interesting or catchy that attract more and more people and the cost increases more than the usual. Normal keywords go up to $.01 per click but the catchy ones increase the cost to $1.00 per click or it can go even higher.

Pay per click is further classified into two main groups or classes. The first one is “sponsored match” and the other one is “content match” or “sponsored ads”. Sponsored match automatically appears on the search engine bar, as in it is created in such a way that it suggests the appropriate keyword hunt on its own to the user. While the content match deals with ads and their placements on various websites, newsletters and e-mails. For this method, advertisement of the website has to be accurate to make the people click more on it to visit the page. Content match strongly needs a sufficient advertising in order to make it more successful and popular.

Both campaigns and promotion plans need to come up with some catchy keywords as it is considered the focal point of the search. The cost increases with more usage of the website. If 100 people are visiting or using your website then the earning will be more than those websites or pages which are used by only 50 people.

This business satisfies both, the advertiser who is making his website famous either by sponsored match or content match and the other person is the associate who is giving the permission to put ads on his site or in his newsletters etc. But the associate is only profitable when the advertiser chooses the content match method otherwise the sponsored match method doesn’t involve an associate in the process.

The concept of PPC and advertising was initiated in 1998 at a conference held in California by Jeffery Brewer who worked at He was the first person who presented this idea and now it’s used by different people living all over the world, making them earn their living and connect with different people in the process.

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