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Website Design Software to Consider

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dreamweaverWeb design, as you all know, is the most important factor that determines the value of a website. The quality of the web designs can either make or break your website. Coming up with a perfect web design is a task easier said than done! It involves a tremendous amount of technicalities and expertise. No wonder you see every brand approaching a professional web designer (or company) for this purpose.

But if you plan on making your website on your own, the second most important thing (the first is obviously adequate knowledge) you’ll need is proper web designing software. That being said, there are literally a multitude of diverse web design software (tools) available on the internet, some are excellent, while some mediocre (although the price tag is more or less the same). So that is why it’s important to consider an array of design tools before purchasing any. After all, they could cost you a fortune!

To help to in picking the best one, here’s a list of some of top web design software:


When it comes to web designing, you just can’t go wrong with Dreamweaver. It’s one of the favorite design tools of many experienced designers. It gives users a high degree of control pver the design process. For example, you can customize your design according to your liking by adding interactive features, etc. Moreover, it supports a number of scripting languages such as CSS and PHP.


This is by far the most common software found on every designer’s PC. Its key functions are not only photo editing and graphic designing (as most people believe), but also web design. It facilitates users in creating attractive layouts and also has a number web design elements.


If you happen to be a fan of Mozilla Firefox, then Firebug is something you should learn to use. It is a web development extension for the Firefox browser with a number of functions such as CSS editing, JavaScript analysis, etc. The best thing about this tool is that it’s free of cost.

Coda 2

This is another great tool for web design; however, it’s only available on Mac. One of the biggest advantages of this software is that is offers a high level of convenience i.e. you don’t have to switch from one window to another (something common with other design software). Other notable features of Coda 2 include advanced HTML and CSS coding and debugging.

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